Just few days to step out of the year 2017, but before that
we are going to bring to you the best camera phones of 2017 are flagship devices.
Yes, all the major flagships of 2017 have been released. As expected, the best
camera phones of 2017 are flagship devices, of course no one would want to buy
an expensive phone with mediocre camera setup no matter the specs.
Checkout The Best Camera Phones of 2017

Now, we are talking about phones with the best shooter in
2017, courtesy of GSMArena.

How did dual cameras setup fare in 2017? From the list of
the devices below, four (4) of them can only boast of single cameras at the rear,
while others spot a dual camera on the rear side.
Here Are 2017’s Best
Camera Phones
Note: Kindly note that you can click on each device listed
below to view its full specifications.

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These are the best camera phones of 2017. It is an extensive
list. As you will have observed, there are two phones listed for many brands.
This is because these brands have launched two variants of the same device or
put similar camera performance into two closely-knit models. That give
interested smartphone photography enthusiasts plenty of options to pick from.

After dominating the phone camera world for more than 11
years, and suddenly disappear from clique, Nokia is back on the list.
Another interesting brand that made the list is Xiaomi. The
brand has never had a reputation for great camera phones, so this is a big one
for them.
Finally, having phones without dual cameras on this list
goes a long way in showing that dual cameras are not always an improvement on
single cameras. As we have pointed out, in many cases, 2017’s dual cameras are
just catching up with some older single cameras.
You are probably reading this article because you have a
deep interest in camera phones and smartphone photography. Which of these
sharp-shooters will you be getting for yourself?


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