Already counting it as waste and still thinking of how to do
away with it but the romance you had with it before the arrival of the current
one you are using won’t let go. Don’t worry, there things you can do with it.
Your old PC board can help you do what you can’t even imagine. You can start some
DIY projects with those old computer parts you regard as trash.
5 Cool Things You Can Create With Your Old Computer Boards

1. Creating a Circuit
Board Mouse Pad
You can turn your old computer’s circuit board into a mouse
pad. Not only does this mouse pad appears cool but it is also easy to make. What
you will only need is two pieces of vinyl. Simply slip the circuit board in
between the vinyl sheet to create a durable and aesthetically appealing mouse
2. Making a Clock Out of
Are you looking for how to replace your boring desk clock,
there’s nothing more original than creating one made out of old circuit boards.
Plus, making a PC board clock is actually easier to do than you think.
To start, you need a quartz clock hands and movement set, as
well as batteries. You’ll also need a drill to make a hole in your PC board,
but you can borrow one from a friend or your local hardware store. A marker will
also help you mark the hole for the drill, in addition to the hours on your new
3. Make it into a Phone
Creating a PC board phone stand may very well be one of the
most functional types of product you can make with an old PC board. All you
need are two pieces of PC board, you can either cut one in half or use two
different ones. However, the two boards should be a little smaller than the
size of your phone. To create the hinge, you can use a regular door hinge and
use strong glue as an adhesive.
4. Turn it into Jewelry

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You can cut up your circuit board and turn it into beautiful
jewelry to wear. After all, what else symbolizes a geek badge more than a reduced
motherboard that you can wear as earrings or a necklace.
In order to turn your old PC boards into earrings, you’ll
first need to purchase jump rings and earring hooks online. Next, choose your
best retired circuit boards and cut them to your desired size. Next, use a
strong gear to attach them to your hooks and sand them down to avoid any damage
to your ears.
5. Make it Into a Guitar
If you’re looking to upgrade your guitar pick, why not take
your old PC boards and make them into new picks for your guitar? At least this
way you can reuse your boards and have less to toss out, not to mention, you
can also save money this way too.
Creating picks out of your old PC boards doesn’t take up too
much time, and you can end up with nearly a dozen free picks out of a single
circuit board. All you need to start on this project is a sharp blade and
sandpaper. The sharp blade will be used for cutting out your pick and the
sandpaper can be used to sand down your new pick to avoid is cutting your
There are so many new and cool things you can use your old
computer parts to make. Why throw out your e-waste when you can recycle it into
something else? From jewelry to phone stands, finding a functional DIY project
that you can use your PC boards to make is easy. Just remember, these are only
a few ideas to help you get started. Let your creativity lead the way. You
never know what you might create with your old computer boards.


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