Google has added a new feature its Search platform. For those
who can see it, the feature allows users to perform comparison between two
devices in terms of specifications, presenting a well-ordered comparison chart
in output.

New Google Search feature allows compare device specifications

As clearly seen in the above screenshots, all you need to do
is to type in a query like “Pixel 2 vs Pixel 2XL,” and Google will bring you a
quick comparison chart. The chart can be expanded by tapping the blue button,
and there’s even an option to highlight differences.
New Google Search feature allows compare device specifications

Though the search titan is yet to officially announce this
new feature. The feature can purportedly work for only two devices at the
moment, but more information about the functionality is awaited.

In case you can see it on yours app, kindly share your
experience with us via comment box below.

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