The popular Facebook owned IM, WhatsApp has added search to
its numerous functionalities. This new feature is for group members, it lets
the group admins and members have a quick search for a member rather than scrolling
down the whole list of group members to locate whoever they are looking for.

This latest update comes following the rolling out of delete/revoke
feature a couple of weeks ago
. The delete/revoke features allows users
delete messages/chats sent in error.
The new search features is another update added to WhatsApp
beta for Android 2.17.407, the global version is expected to be out soon
matter of hours.

How Does It
The WhatsApp search feature will be available to all WhatsApp
groups with minimum of 10 members.
It is accessible when you click on a group and go to list of
members section – located on top of members names. Thus, rather than scrolling
down and up in search of a specific member, all you need to do is just type the
name in the search box and it will appear.
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