PetMio bundles: Make your pet fit again with fitness tracker and more

PetMio bundles: Make your pet fit again with fitness tracker and more
Now, we have a lot of fitness trackers focused on people’s health. Virtually, all the tech companies available are now into the busniess of making people fit by releasing various fitness devices.

However, just few of these companies make fitness trackers for pets. For some people, this could be a big oversight, as our pets are practically members of our families, and thus their health is important. PetMio is a range of smart connected products and nutritional food products designed for tech lovers to buy for their pets.
PetMio has a Smart Tracker which monitors physical activity and sleep in your pets. It is designed to attach to your pet’s collar. Thus, it is perfect for dogs and cats. The data collected from this device is augmented by data from a smart food bowl. This tracks our pet’s feeding habits. It uses scales to determine how much and how often your pet eats.
These devices are synced to the PetMio app using Bluetooth, where it is analyzed by the Intelligent Nutrition System. In the PetMio Intelligent Nutrition System, your pet’s lifestyle and diet is examined. The resultant information is used to create a personalized food recipe based on your pet’s needs.
PetMio is sold in bundles for cats and dogs. Right now, preorder prices for the package starts at $94 for cats, and it goes up to $240 for large dogs. This package includes a tracker, smart bowl, and a month of food. To continue receiving the food, customers would have to pay a subscription, which costs up to $43 for cats, $93 for small dogs, and up to $214 for extra-large dogs.
This subscription is set up in the app after a trial period. Therefore, if you do not like it, you are not tied to a long contract from the start. Deliveries will begin in April 2008, should it reach its Kickstarter goal of $20,000.
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