Sometimes, you get your Google AdSense account banned for committing blunders which you might have even forgotten overlooked. Most of the AdSense users got banned because of clicking their own ads by mistake.

Despite knowing that the click was by accident, Google won’t understand it was not with you then. I have once been a victim of this. However, there a tools called google publisher toolbar that can bail out at least to an extent.

Google Publisher Toolbar is the best ways to protect your AdSense account without getting it blocked due invalid clicks. To tell you how important and recognized this tool bar is, Google itself recommends you having it installed on your browser. See below a mail sent by Google, recommending the use of publisher toolbar.

How To Protect Your Google AdSense Account From Invalid Clicks

It won’t allow you click your ads because it will completely shield your ads and even when you stubbornly and intentionally click on your ads, the shield protects it.  It won’t mark as a spam.

How To Install Google Publisher Toolbar

  1. Go to chrome browser.
  2. Click on menu (three buttons)
  3. Go to More Tools
  4. Then click on extensions.
  5. Scroll down, at the bottom of the page click Get more extensions. How To Protect Your Google AdSense Account From Invalid Clicks
  6. Now go the search bar and type Google Publisher Toolbar.
  7. Click install google publisher toolbar.
  8. Now it will add into your chrome browser in top right
  9. Click that icon and enable it.How To Protect Your Google AdSense Account From Invalid Clicks
  10. You would be asked to sign in to your AdSense mail account.
  11. Now launch your website or blog.
  12. Click on the publisher icon now turn on the ads protection.
  13. Now you will have your website ads protected with green
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Remember, clicking your own AdSense ads without googlepublisher toolbar will be marked as a spam, which by implication means, you should be expecting ban sooner.


Another good thing about this tool is that it allows you to see your AdSense earning and google analytics by just in one click.



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