How To Change Your YouTube Name

A major part of an online platform user is identity which is
his/her username. It is naturally among the first things a possible follower or
subscriber will see when they click on the user’s profile. This is also pretty
important on the popular streaming platform, YouTube.

However, if your YouTube name is not as eye-catching the way
you want, you can change it. It is not as simple to change the name of your
YouTube channel as it is to change your name on Facebook for example. Just
follow the below guidelines on how to do it:
Step 1: Sign in to your YouTube account. Click the Sign In
button in the top right of the YouTube homepage and input your relevant
Step 2: Click your thumbnail in the top right-hand corner,
then select Settings. This will take you to your channel overview.
Step 3: Click on the Edit on Google link to change your
YouTube name. Due to the integration of Google services, changing your name on
YouTube means you also have to change it on Google+.
Step 4: When you click on the Edit on Google link, it takes
you to your Google+ profile page. Using the on-screen boxes, change your First
Name and Surname to whatever you want your channel to be called. If you want to
keep your name intact, you can simply add a nickname, as well as a combination
of both your original YouTube name and your nickname.

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To choose the configuration, click the drop-down arrows by
the Display my Name As option. When you choose from the available options
listed, click Ok to finish.
That is all you need to do. From then on, all of your
associated Google accounts will use your new name as their name. This includes
your YouTube channel. Note that this guide refers to the name that appears when
people visit your channel’s main page. If you want to change the URL of your
page, it is also possible. You can also delete it and create a new URL for your


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