Instagram introduce face filters for live video
Instagram has announced the addition of face filters to
its social media app while sharing live video. Among the collections you can pick
from is a new sunglasses filter which will be solely available for live video
over the next week.

Instagram thought of everything; users can change the
scenery reflected in the glasses by just tapping on it. After completing the
live video, users can have it replayed in stories. Or, it can be deleted the
broadcast by tapping on discard.
Instagram introduce face filters for live video

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To use face filters during a live video, before or during the
broadcast, users will have to click on the face icon at the bottom right of the
screen. Tap any filter to change their look during the live video, and they can
use as many face filters as they want.

Instagram introduce face filters for live video

Instagram is started pushing out face filters for live
video. Please be patient if you are yet to receive this new feature. According
to Instagram, it will take several weeks to complete the global rollout of this
new capability.

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