There was a recent update rolled out to the Instagram app and
this is how it works.
When the user opens the picture and video sharing app,
videos will autoplay with the sound off. When user however tap on the screen to
turn the volume on one video on, all other videos will autoplay with the sound
on for the rest of the Instagram session. Of course, that is reasonable.

And if you as the user tap on the screen again to turn off
the audio on the present video, all of the succeeding videos will go silent. If
you disable the sound on your Instagram videos, they will remain off when you
finish your session and start up the app again.

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So one might ask himself, what is the benefit of this
feature? Well, it means that Instagram users won’t have to go through the pain
of turning off the audio on for each individual video.
As much as Instagram Stories are concerned, the audio matches
the settings on your device. Which means that providing your handset is not on silent,
Stories will play with the audio on.
The bottom line is the bottom line, which will fatten up
with more advertisers. Why? Because now advertisers will see more of their
videos play with audio enabled. This will make them more likely to fork over
the money to advertise on the app. After all, an ad with no volume is most
likely to be ineffective.
Of course, most Instagram users would rather not get
startled or embarrassed by audio that they weren’t expecting to hear, playing
loudly in their ears. On the other hand, with video becoming a larger part of
the Instagram experience, keeping the app mute would make it a silent movie in
the era of talkies.



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