Google has updated its adsense platform by introducing what it called the new Adsense Native ads. It is a suite of ad formats brought to you to provide a great user experience for visitors.This notice was posted by Adsense Product Manager, Violetta Kalathaki.

Google Introduce AdSense Native ads

The new AdSense Native ads are in three categories:

  1. In-feed,
  2. In-article,
  3. Matched content.

According to google, all the three can be applied at once or seperately. Google says they are actually designed for the below reasons:

  • A great user experience: they fit naturally on your site and use high quality advertiser elements, such as high resolution images, longer titles and descriptions, to provide a more attractive experience for your visitors
  • A great look and feel across different screen sizes: the ads are built to look great on mobile, desktop, and tablet.
  • Ease of use: easy-to-use editing tools help you make the ads look great on your site.

Native In-feed provides publishers a new revenue opportunity in their feeds and is automatically available for every new publishers. This type of ads are neatly position between feeds such as articles or products on your sites. Google says In-feed ads can be customizable to your taste and as well offers you new places to show ads.

Google Introduce AdSense Native ads

Native In-article is also available to all publishers and provides a better advertising experience. Google optimizes In-article ads to help publishers add great-looking ads between the paragraphs of their pages. According to the company, In-article ads makes use of high-quality advertising elements and enhances visitors’ reading experience.

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Google Introduce AdSense Native ads

Matched Content is available to publishes that has met the eligibility criteria. As we all know from the start, recommended posts encourages visitors to stay put on your site by reading more of your contents.

Google Introduce AdSense Native ads

So the Matched content is a content recommendation tool that assist in promoting the publisher’s content to visitors and by implication potentially increases their revenue, page views, as well as time spent on site.

According to the tech giant, publishers that qualified for the “Allow ads” feature can as well show relevant ads within their Matched content units, creating more revenue opportunity in this placement.

How to start with AdSense Native ads

  • Simply login to your AdSense account
  • Click My ads at the left navigation panel
  • Then Click +New ad unit
  • Choose your preferred ad category (In-article, In-feed or Matched content-if you are eligible)



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