Will smartwatch eliminate smartphone?

Smartphones are fundamentally mobile phones with cutting-edge
mobile operating systems which combines characteristics and features of operating
systems found on a personal computer with those on mobile devices, especially
the calling aspect.

Smartphones have multi-functional purposes combining
features of a handset with those of other popular mobile devices, such as media
player, personal digital assistant (PDA), GPS navigation unit and digital
camera, radio, document viewer and editor and so on.
However, despite the advancement in technology, smartphones
are gradually wandering from the palm to the wrist. In other words, instead of
being held in the hand, it is now strapped to the wrist. That is what we now dubbed
a smartwatch.
This is as a outcome of a partnership between Samsung
Mobile, Gemalto and TIM. Gemalto is known to be the largest maker of SIM cards
in the world, which hypes the emergence of smartwatches as “a further step
towards the digital future of the Internet of Things”.
Samsung’s main rival, Apple, announced its smartwatch
version but its sales have shrink.  The sales
dropped more than half between April and June compared to the same period in
What different is
Samsung making?

Samsung’s smartwatch model dubbed Gear S2 (about to have a
successor, the Gear S3) is the first to come with an embedded SIM card, also
known as eSIM to be delivered by Gemalto.
The inclusion of eSIM simply means a watch can substitute a
smartphone and do all you want to do with a phone, which includes making calls,
sending and receiving SMS, reading emails and surfing the internet.
So far, such wrist watch have had to be paired to the user’s
phone via wireless or Bluetooth technology.
With eSIM one need not bothered with procuring and inserting
little cards in your smartphone, be it Micro, Mini or Nano SIM cards.
The latest technology is being applauded by the mobile phone
users as it makes it much easier for them to swap from one operator to another.
Now giving telecom operators the run for their money, they have to be on their
toes now to satisfy the customers.
Smartwatches like smartphones will be supported with
advanced mobile operating systems which combines features of a PC operating
system with other features useful for mobile or hand held use.
Since most smartphones can access the Internet and can run
third-party apps, smartwatches would be able to do same. They have a touchscreen
user interface, with LCD, OLED, AMOLED, LED or similar screen.
Smartphones became well-known in the 21st century and most
of those manufactured from 2012 till now have high-speed mobile broadband
4GLTE, Fingerprint scanner, mobile payment and motion sensors.
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