How to solve these 3 Facebook Messenger problems

Facebook Messenger as a standalone app owned by Facebook, has
been discovered to be a great consumer of power and memory of smartphones.
Sometimes it occupies as much as 120MB of phone memory, most users even reports
higher figure than that.
How to solve these 3 Facebook Messenger problems

If you like me who hates Facebook Messenger standalone app
on his smartphone or tablet, simple bookmark its mobile site and activate push
notifications by allowing the site to do that if you wish to receive instant
messages. This process helps reduce consumption of internal storage space and
RAM, as well as saves your battery life.
Below are some problems attributed to the Facebook messenger
and tips on how to resolve them:
Ever tried sending a message on Facebook Messenger and it
refused to deliver, no cause for alarm. The first thing to do is to check if
your app is up to date. If it’s up to date and it still refused to connect,
just try the mobile site. Occasionally, Facebook Messenger might experience
downtime in your location. Should it be the case, don’t stress yourself, it would
definitely be restored.
If you by accident deleted your messages, nothing can be
done about this. Just forget them. But if they are archived, then they are
To retrieve your archived messages, follow the steps below:
  • Go to the mobile or desktop site
  • Click on the Messages button
  • Then select See All > More > Archived (for desktop
    users) or tap on See All Messages, scroll to the bottom of the page, then press
    View Archived Messages (on the mobile site).
  • Then check if you can find your messages.

It’s no longer a new thing the way Facebook Messenger faces
downtime challenges. If you are getting a blank screen or an error message from
your Facebook Messenger, you can try the below solutions.
Firstly, confirm if your Android OS is up to date. If not, then
do the needful by updating it.
If this issue persists, simply run to Settings >
Applications > Application Manager > All > Messenger > Clear Data
> Clear Cache.
You might also need to check if your app is update by diving
to the Play Store for recent update. To check If your app is up to date, got to
Menu button> My apps & Games. This will show if your Messenger app is
among the apps awaiting an update. If it is out of date, just tap on the Update
And If all these does not work, uninstall and reinstall the
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