How to enable Mobile view in Blogger

This post is about enabling a mobile view on Blogger
platform which is very possible. The platform also has mobile view settings.
How to enable Mobile view in Blogger
The truth is that most readers prefers their mobile gadgets
to PCs/laptops this days, especially at their leisure period. So to get more
people attracted to you website, your site needs to be responsive to get more
audience via mobile platforms.
As seen in the image above, Tellforceblog has a mobile view
and PC view.
Now let us start:
How to enable Mobile
view in Blogger:

Step 1. Log in to your Blogger dashboard and go to “Theme”
as seen below
How to enable Mobile view in Blogger
Step 2. Click on the gear button below mobile as shown in
the screen above.
Step 3. You will get a presented below. Select “show
mobile template on mobile device”
How to enable Mobile view in Blogger
Step 4. Then select “custom” – this is your template mobile
view. You can also choose any other default template of your choice in
“choose mobile template”. To preview you mobile version click on preview.
How to enable Mobile view in Blogger
How to enable Mobile view in Blogger
Step 5.  Click the “Save”
at the bottom right.
You are done.

To confirm this changes, visit your website with any phone
to checkout for the new look.


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