Huawei is gearing up to return the pill-shaped punch hole to its mate series, according to leaks. The feature was last seen in the Mate 40 and P40 lineups back in 2020, and now the company is preparing to separate the dual cameras and 3D ToF sensors from the bezel once again with the Mate 60 series this fall.

Huawei to introduce its own Dynamic Island feature

This will also mark the first time Huawei launches this centrally positioned dual selfie camera design, pioneered by Apple in the iPhone 14 Pro series.

Two cameras, one of them being a ToF sensor is not a new feature for Huawei flagships. It has been around since 2019 and the Mate 30 launch, and even made its way to the P series for a brief period.

Huawei Mate 60 series to come with Dynamic Island

The difference now is the placement – it was either on the side or behind a fully-fledged notch on previous Mate phones.

When Apple brought its latest iPhones, it also introduced a software feature called Dynamic Island, making the best of the cutout that few found aesthetically pleasing. We expect Huawei to do something similar – designing notifications and apps around optimization and utilization of this small but apparently important area to customers.

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