Foldable smartphones have successfully carved a niche in the mobile market, with major players like Samsung and Huawei leading the way. Last year, Google joined the fray with its Pixel Fold, offering a unique take on the form factor. Now, rumor has it that Google is already working on the Pixel Fold 2 which is expected to arrive later this year.

Google Pixel Fold unveiled 1

Google Pixel Fold 2: Coming in October with Upgraded Specs

Leaked details courtesy of Android Authority hint at a performance boost for the next iteration. While the Pixel Fold relied on the Tensor G2 chipset, its successor might pack a more potent punch with the “zumapro” platform.

Industry insiders report this could be the Tensor G4, considering “zuma” is often associated with the next-gen Tensor lineup.

This potential switch in processing power might push back the Fold 2’s launch compared to its predecessor. The Pixel Fold debuted in May 2023. But murmurs suggest the Fold 2 might unveil alongside the Pixel 9 line in October. Potentially aligning with Google‘s established hardware release schedule.

Google Pixel Fold unveiled

Specific details about the Tensor G4 remain under wraps, but reports point towards moderate improvements over the Tensor G3 introduced last year. Beyond the chipset upgrade, reports mention the possibility of 16GB LPDDR5 RAM and 256GB UFS 4.0 storage. Potentially enhancing multitasking and data handling capabilities.

While Google hasn’t officially acknowledged the Pixel Fold 2’s existence, the I/O 2024 event in May could serve as a potential launchpad for initial information. Until then, enthusiasts can only look at reports, piecing together the puzzle of Google’s next foldable offering.

Beyond hardware advancements, the Pixel Fold 2’s software experience remains a key area of interest. Google’s custom Android skin and integration with its ecosystem of services have been hallmarks of the Pixel line.

It’s likely that the Fold 2 will benefit from further software optimizations specifically tailored to the foldable form factor, potentially enhancing multitasking capabilities and leveraging the larger screen real estate for unique functionalities. Whether Google can address some of the software challenges faced by the original Pixel Fold, such as app compatibility and optimization for the foldable format, will be crucial in determining the Fold 2’s overall success.



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