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Samsung’s Galaxy AI Features will be available on older devices soon

Samsung recently introduced Galaxy S24 series which in turn brought the new exciting Galaxy AI suite. The latest information is now revealing that the new feature isn’t just for the latest models. Recent leaks confirm that select AI features will be available on older Samsung devices. Bringing enhanced functionality to a wider user base.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra specs

Samsung’s Galaxy AI Suite To Hit Older Devices Soon

Android expert Mishaal Rahman revealed that “Circle to Search,” one of the most anticipated features, will be making its way to older Samsungs, including the Galaxy S23. This AI-powered tool lets you effortlessly initiate Google searches by drawing a circle around any on-screen element. This functionality won’t reach other Android devices until October, making it a unique perk for Samsung users.

Beyond circling and searching, three other AI features are confirmed to join the roster:

  • Live Translate: Experience seamless, real-time translation during phone calls, breaking down language barriers and facilitating communication.
  • Note Assist: Take note-taking to new heights with automatic summaries and formatting, ensuring your ideas are organized and easily referenced.
  • Photo Assist: Enhance your photos directly within the Gallery app, utilizing AI-powered editing tools to adjust angles and fill any empty spaces with content that seamlessly matches the scene.

Circle to Search on Galaxy S24

This expansion isn’t limited to the S23 series. Samsung previously confirmed bringing these AI features to the Galaxy S23 FE, Z Fold 5 and Flip 5, and Tab S9 within the first half of 2024.

However, the question remains: will other intriguing Galaxy AI features like generative wallpapers, the interpreter, chat assistant, and transcription assistant join the party on older devices, or remain exclusive to the S24? Time will tell, but these initial expansions suggest Samsung’s commitment to democratizing AI-powered experiences across its ecosystem.

So, if you’re rocking a compatible Samsung device, keep an eye out for updates that unlock these powerful AI tools. They’re poised to streamline your searches, break down communication barriers. And enhance your creative endeavors, all powered by the magic of artificial intelligence.




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