The Samsung Galaxy S24 series was introduced with a range of exciting new features. The standout highlight was the suite of AI capabilities bundled under the umbrella term “Galaxy AI.”

Google Circle to Search

Among the array of new AI features included in the latest Galaxy smartphones, one notable addition is Circle to Search. Developed in collaboration with Google, this tool allows users to highlight text or images on their screen and seamlessly search for related information without switching apps.

After the Galaxy S24 series made its debut, Google also started rolling out this feature in Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones. However, for Android users not within the Samsung and Google ecosystems, there’s a bit of disappointment.

The Circle to Search feature will remain exclusive to these brands until at least October 2024, as confirmed by Samsung’s Arm in the Netherlands:

“Circle to Search may become available on Android devices from other brands from 5 October 2024, but there are no active developments underway for this.”

For those eager to try out this feature, this news might be disappointing. I feel this feature is particularly useful since it doesn’t require opening any apps.

But it’s important to note that Circle to Search isn’t a groundbreaking tech by any means. Google Lens and Assistant have offered similar functionality for quite some time now.

There’s still hope on the horizon though. While the exclusivity is disappointing for now, I’m optimistic that it won’t be permanent. In the meantime, users of Google and Samsung devices are enjoying the benefits of Circle to Search.

This isn’t the first instance of exclusivity by these prominent Android players. Similar limitations exist with the latest Wear OS updates, which are currently restricted to Samsung and Google smartwatches.



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