A popular benchmarking platform, AnTuTu, recently released its January 2024 performance rankings for Android smartphones. This time around, MediaTek chipsets took center stage, occupying the top spots in both the flagship and mid-range categories.

OPPO Find X7
Oppo Find X7

However, a closer examination reveals nuances beyond the headline.

AnTuTu’s January 2024 Flagship Smartphone Rankings

In the flagship segment, the Oppo Find X7, powered by the Dimensity 9300, emerged victorious with a score of 22,09,932. This puts it slightly ahead of the iQOO 12 Pro (Snapdragon 8 Gen 3) and Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro (Snapdragon 8 Gen 3), which scored 22,06,859 and 22,04,998 respectively.

January 2024 Antutu Flagship Smartphone Rankings

While Dimensity boasts the lead, the margin between the top three is slim, indicating a tight competition between chipmakers. Notably, superior cooling systems in the top performers likely contributed to their edge.

Mid-range Smartphone Rankings

The mid-range category saw a more decisive MediaTek victory. The Redmi K70E, equipped with the Dimensity 8300 Ultra, achieved a score of 13,82,150, significantly outpacing the Realme GT Neo5 SE (Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2) at 11,52,981. This suggests a more substantial performance gap in the mid-range, showcasing the potential of the 8300 Ultra.

It’s crucial to remember that benchmark scores, while valuable indicators, shouldn’t be the sole purchase decision factor. Real-world considerations like camera quality, battery life, and user interface play equally important roles. However, AnTuTu’s rankings offer valuable insights into raw processing power, a key element for demanding tasks like gaming and video editing.

January 2024 Antutu Midrange Smartphone Rankings

So, beyond the top spots, AnTuTu’s lists include numerous other noteworthy performers across various price segments. Users can explore these rankings to compare specific models based on their individual needs and priorities.

In conclusion, AnTuTu’s January benchmarks paint an interesting picture of the Android smartphone landscape. While Dimensity chipsets make a strong showing, particularly in the mid-range, the competition remains fierce. For informed smartphone purchases, remember to balance benchmark scores with real-world evaluations and individual preferences.


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