Huawei’s HarmonyOS has truly been making a great effort to break barriers in this era which is hugely dominated by Android and iOS. The market dominance of the Android and iOS mobile operating systems are truly beyond reach. HarmonyOS is now the third largest and the best it could do is to keep things that way.

HarmonyOS 3

The Huawei’s system has introduced what Android itself is yet to introduced. The company believes that more features will definitely attract more users and it is doing just that. Harmony OS has now received a new feature called Auto Layout.

HarmonyOS Auto Layout Feature

The Auto Layout in Harmony OS is surprisingly missing on both Android and iOS platforms. This feature automatically generates combination of layouts which includes icons, large folders and widgets. These combinations make it easier for users to interact on their home screens without any form of distractions. The user will have three different sorting options. They include:

  1. Original Layout
  2. Sort by color
  3. Sort by category.

Original Layout

HarmonyOS apps and widget sorting by Orignal Layout

With the original layout option, you get to use the default layout that came with the phone. You can arrange the icons, widgets and app folders without any form of category folders. This option does not also shift content of one layout to another.

Sort By Color Layout

HarmonyOS apps and widget sorting by color layout

The sort by color option is quite interesting and it will definitely be the most popular amongst the three. It arranges the icons based on the most common color on your home screen. With this, icons with similar colors like red will all fit into one single layout. It then pushes all the other screen elements with similar colors to the next pages. So. blue colors will be in one layout, orange in one layout and so on.

Sort By Category

HarmonyOS apps and widget sorting by category

This option uses AI to arrange icons, large folders and widgets in categories. For example, the system automatically arranges all productivity tools on one page, social media apps can be on another page, banking and related apps can also be on one page and so on.


Huawei’s Harmony OS keeps growing in both popularity and features every year. There are other exclusive features that you cannot find on other mobile operating systems. Such features include swipe up widgets, service widgets, super device and many more. The auto layout feature will definitely make things a lot easier for users. No Harmony OS home screen will ever look disorganized with auto layout on board. I hope Android and iOS adapt such a feature in the near future.



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