According to predictions by Counterpoint Research, Huawei’s new HarmonyOS system, which will used to replace the Android system on its smartphones, will be the 5th largest in the world ever 2020.

Please note that we are talking about all operating systems for electronic products here, including Windows, Mac and Linux in addition to Android, iOS.


Huawei’s HarmonyOS will overtake Linux as early as become the 5th most used system in the world. Thus surpassing the Linux system.

The market right now has this segmentation

According to Counterpoint the market segmentation in 2019 is in these terms. Android is ahead with 39% followed soon with Microsoft Windows with 35%. IOS comes in third with 13% with MacOS in fourth place. Linux should be the system that will be overtaken by this HarmonyOS.

  • Android – 39%
  • Windows – 35%
  • iOS – 13. 87%
  • MacOS – 5. 92 %
  • Linux – 0. 77%

Android remains Huawei’s answer

As much as Huawei said HarmonyOS is the future for its devices, the brand also said it wanted to continue to use the Android system for your devices.


HarmonyOS was first used on its SmartTVs that have not yet reached our market and are only for sale on the Asian market.

Executive talks about HarmonyOS advantages over Android and iOS

Huawei’s Executive Joy mentioned some of the things that make HarmonyOS more attractive. Mainly for developers. He noted that “ Harmony OS is a lightweight and compact operating system with powerful functions. Compared to other operating systems on the market, it has a much smaller number of lines. code and therefore safer. 

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Kept saying” O Huawei’s operating system goal is different from Android and iOS Developers only need to develop apps once and apps can be deployed flexibly across multiple device. ”

In short, we can’t guess the future (or would be rich right now) but we know that Huawei is investing heavily in its new system. Hopefully it will be able to crash with Android and iOS. After all, competition is important to the end consumer.


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