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Google Rolls Out Android 14 Beta 1; How To Download It On Your Phone

Google has officially announced the highly anticipated Android 14 Beta program, and Android users are buzzing with excitement.

This beta release is currently available for Pixel users with eligible devices. It’s almost the whole Pixel lineup starting from Pixel 4a and up to Pixel 7 Pro.

Android 14 1

However, it’s important to note that the initial beta release may be unstable and not suitable for use as a daily driver.

Want To Try Android 14 Beta 1 On Your Pixel Phone?

Before diving into the details of the Android 14 Beta program, it’s essential to understand the caveats and considerations for Pixel users.

Google warns that the first beta release may be highly unstable. That is why users who rely on their Pixel device for day-to-day use should not download it. As such, it’s advisable to wait until Android 14 reaches platform stability, which typically takes a few months, before installing the beta release on your primary device.

Furthermore, There’s Good news for those who are currently part of the Android 13 QPR3 Beta program! You can easily switch to the Android 14 Beta 1 without having to clean data on your phone. It’s a seamless transition that allows you to try out the latest features and improvements.

However, do keep in mind that future releases may require you to erase all data on your Pixel device when moving from the QPR3 Beta to the Android 14 Beta program.

How To Download Android 14 Beta On Your Phone

If you’d like to enroll in the Android 14 Beta program, here’s a step-by-step guide you need to follow.

  • Visit the official website at google.com/android/beta.
  • Click on “View your eligible devices” button.
  • Select your eligible Pixel device.
  • Click on the “Opt in” box to enroll in the Beta program.
  • On your Pixel device, go to Settings > System > System update.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Android 14 Beta 1 update.

Download Android 14 Beta On Your Phone

If you are currently a member of the QPR3 Beta program, you will need to opt out of that program before joining the Android 14 Beta program. However, If you decide to opt out of the QPR3 Beta program and jump right into the Android 14 Beta program, you will not have to wipe your phone with the first Beta release only. This means you can seamlessly transition and explore the latest features and enhancements without losing any data.

Latest Features Of Android 14

The Android 14 Beta program brings an exciting array of new features and enhancements designed to improve the user experience and streamline navigation.

Notable additions include the predictive back gesture, which offers users a preview of their destination when completing the back gesture, making it more intuitive and efficient.

Furthermore, the Share Sheet has been revamped with app actions now located at the top of the screen, providing quick and easy access to perform tasks more efficiently. It’s important to note that, due to the beta nature of the release, some apps may not function properly, and battery life may be impacted.

Users should be prepared for potential issues and consider these factors before installing the beta release on their devices.

Android 14 Release Date

The final public version of Android 14 will be available in August, following the conclusion of the beta testing period. Once Google pushes out the public version, users will be able to upgrade their phones without deleting data on their devices.




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