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Android 14 To Make It Easier To Prevent Low Battery Shutdowns

With the release of the Android 14 developer preview, more and more new information about the operating system keeps rolling out.

Android 14

And while the upcoming OS version will bring many new features, it will also aim to improve your overall experience with your phone to a large degree.

Now, when it comes to improving the experience, battery life is a key point. Even though Android 14 will do a lot of optimizations in that regard, it will also ensure that you keep your phone charged. That is, with its “Very low battery” alert, you might not forget to plug your phone after ignoring the initial warnings. But what exactly is new with the feature?

2% Battery Warning On Android 14

Android 13 sends low battery warnings two times. You will receive the first one when the battery is at 20% and a second one when it is at 10%. Well, a 10% battery does not stop many of us from using the device. That is where the “Very low battery” warning of Android 14 steps in.

Low Battery

Depending on your device, you might have a few more minutes after the 2% battery warning. And this last message could make you rush to a wall outlet or get a power bank to juice up your phone. In other words, with this Android 14 alert, you might not experience a low battery shutdown that often.

Nonetheless, this is not the only good feature that Android 14 has to bring to the table. For example, there are security tweaks for better password input, media player adjustments, better keyboard support, and many more improvements.

And you can try the preview by yourself to get an early look. It is currently available for Pixel 7 & 7 Pro, 6a, 6 & 6 Pro, 5a 5G, 5, and 4.




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