Developers behind WhatsApp are currently working on a new feature for its Android beta version that will allow users to silence calls from unknown numbers. While still showing them in the calls list and notification center. This feature is a welcome addition to the app. As it will significantly reduce interruptions and may help prevent spam calls.


WhatsApp Users Can Now Silence Calls From Unknown Calls From Unknown Numbers

The problem with WhatsApp Communities is that the creator’s phone number is always visible, which means that anyone who is part of the community can reach out to the creator, even without a valid reason.

This can be a serious issue, as it allows anyone to call the creator of a community. Regardless of whether they have permission to do so.

WhatsApp Users will soon be able to silence calls from unknown numbers

However, the new feature under development by WhatsApp will allow users to choose whether to silence calls from unknown numbers. Providing a solution to this problem.

According to Wabetainfo, the toggle for this feature will be located in the app settings, and once enabled, calls from unknown numbers will always be silenced, but they will still be shown in the calls list and notification center. This means that users will still be aware of missed calls from unknown numbers. But they will not be disturbed by them.

One of the benefits of this new feature is that it may significantly reduce the number of spam calls users receive.

In recent years, spam calls have become a growing problem. With scammers making calls in an attempt to steal personal information. Or trick people into making payments or providing sensitive data.

WhatsApp users are not immune to this problem, which is why the ability to silence unknown callers is so important.

To get an estimate of the prevalence of this issue, a poll was shared on Twitter asking users if they had ever received a spam call on WhatsApp. The results showed that many users have indeed received spam calls. Highlighting the need for a feature that can help prevent these types of calls from reaching users.



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