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More Google Pixel Tablet images emerges, Pro Version also reportedly cancelled

During the I/O 2022 event, which was held in May 2022 Google showcased its first tablet, the Pixel Tablet. Some reports claimed that the tablet will come in vanilla and Pro versions. However, new details shared by Android researcher and tipster Kuba Wojciechowski reveal that there is only one version of the tablet, meaning that its Pro version has been cancelled. He also shared some other details about the tablet.

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According to the report. the Pixel Tablet and Pixel Tablet Pro have “Tangor” and “Tangorpro” codenames, respectively. Wojciechowski has shared new information that shows that the first-generation Tensor chip and the Tensor G2 chip power these two versions.

He added that the company has cancelled the Tangor project. In other words, only variants of the Pixel Tablet featuring the Tensor G2 chip will arrive on the market. Citing an anonymous source, the tipster added that the Pixel Tablet will offer 8 GB of Samsung LPDDR5 RAM and 256 GB of Kioxia UFS storage. It will arrive with a side-mounted fingerprint scanner.

Shown above are some of the newly leaked images of the pre-production unit of the Pixel Tablet shared by the tipster. He revealed that the screen supports a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. The display is supplied by China Star Optoelectronics (CSOT) and is backed by a Richtek RT4539 six-channel LED driver, which is typically used for backlighting LCD panels. Hence, it is safe to say that the Pixel Tablet does not have an AMOLED screen. According to a previous report, the tablet features an 11-inch screen.

Lastly, the tipster said that Google will offer two kinds of docks for the Pixel Tablet. The Korlan / K6 dock will come equipped with a speaker, whereas the Yuzu / Y4 dock will support charging.



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