About a year ago, Google began the development of a tool for taking and editing screenshots directly from the Chrome browser.

Google Chrome

The function debuted in Chrome Canary version 98’s early test release. The application added new tools over the course of a few months. And it appears that a stable version for all users will be available soon.

Google Chrome Screenshots Editing Tools

Unfortunately, The project to develop a screenshot editor is regrettably closed. At least in its current form, according to recent revisions to Chromium.

The screenshot editing tool has been completely removed from the browser. This is according to the documentation in the Chromium Gerrit code repository. Ellie Fong-Jones, a Google employee, emphasized that developers do not see ways to implement it without extensive modification by saying that the feedback from testing exposed all the issues of the tool. Fortunately, There are a lot of tools available on the Chrome store that can do the same function.

Google is currently rolling out the protected Incognito Mode to Chrome for Android after releasing the functionality for the iOS version. Users can use biometrics like fingerprints or face scanning to lock their private browsing session behind a security lock. Or they can just use a password. When a user logs out of a session, they are required to enter their password again.

To use the feature, open Settings and choose the option for Lock incognito tabs when you close Chrome under Privacy & Security. As TechCrunch pointed out, some users could not have yet seen this functionality. In this case they must manually enable the flag by entering this address: “chrome:/flags/#incognito-reauthentication-for-android” (without the quotes).

In addition to this feature, Google has announced a few minor updates, which also apply to the PC client. These updates include making it simpler to access quickly cleaned browsing data. And providing users with “personalized recommendations and reminders” to help them better control their behavior on web sites.



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