The foldable phone market has already been active since 2019. Every year, more brands have been seen hitting the market, that for now, seems to be under Samsung’s domain. Apple fans are eagerly waiting to see what the company has in tow for this segment.

Foldable iPhone 14 render

In fact, most tech fans, are curious to see what a company that always strived to bring innovation has to offer in this segment. But what if the foldable iPhone was already among us? Rejoice! The iPhone 14 is closer to a foldable phone than we ever imagined.

How The Foldable iPhone 14 Came To Existence

We don’t whether this is a deepfake or a spectacular work of engineering. This seems to be a modded iPhone that works easily as a foldable iPhone. According to a video, shared by 9to5Mac, while Apple fans struggle to wait for a foldable iPhone, one user in this big world already has one.

The video in question claims to show iPhone hardware with a hinge that comes from the Motorola RAZR. Yes, someone was skilled enough to put a hinge on the iPhone 14. While the user folds it, it seems to be breaking, but surprise! It’s not, is it haunted? We will never know.

The foldable iPhone 14 borrows a hinge to become a reality (sort of). That certainly requires a good level of modding skills. We believe this is just a small part of the work. For that reason, it’s hard to digest this. The camera, for example, does not appear in all its glory.

The video only shows what it wants to show. So it is still not clear whether this is actually real or not. In the past, we already saw a couple of advanced mods. For example, users managed to bring USB Type-C ports to iPhones. Others were capable of even doubling their battery capacity through engineering. However, this foldable device seems to be beyond the possibilities. We don’t think the regular OLED panel would withstand this level of stress without breaking. Maybe we’re just skeptical. If you have enough faith, you can still believe.

According to recent rumors, Apple is indeed working on foldable tech. However, the rumors say that the iPad has a higher chance of going foldable than the iPhone. That actually makes perfect sense. After all, the Galaxy Z Fold, and the Mix Fold, all are “phones that become tablets when unfolded”. So Apple may bring an iPad, that fold to become a compact tablet. Time will tell, but for now, we can keep looking at this video and imagine the foldable iPhone 14.



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