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New Leaks Reveals iPhone 12 Pro Without Notch

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro is expected to be unveiled around September 2020. Initial leaks indicated that the device will come with a notch, but recent leaks appears to be bring smile to some fans as a…


Apple iPhones To Hit Two Billion Worldwide

A report has emerged from Bloomberg, Apple iPhone sales is fast approaching a remarkable 2 billion milestone since the launch of the famous smartphone. In the year 2020, the famous iPhone will…

This Is Most Expensive iPhone In The World

A video has been published on YouTube by a very popular YouTuber, Marques Brownlee. The 10 minutes video is about an expensive iPhone 11 Pro with gold and diamonds. This is the iPhone 11 Pro…




Apple iPhone 11 Live Image Seen In The Wild

Apple is expected to release its next-generation iPhones later this year. The development of the next series of iPhones has been behind closed doors. However, we already know that the iPhone 11 will…


Read This Before Buying A SIM card locked iPhone

Sometimes go, a friend of mine was looking for an iPhone and went digging out all offers available online. Actually, he's not a big guy, he doesn't have a lot of cash to spend and was looking for a…

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