YouTube has added a new feature called “New to you”, designed to help users easily discover new creators and fresh content on the platform. The feature is now rolling out on the YouTube homepage across mobile, desktop, and TV devices.

YouTube New To You feature on desktop version

YouTube already does have suggested new content in the form of Recommendations that are based on the content you regularly watch. The “New to you” feature takes this a step further and suggests new creators and fresh content that is beyond the typical recommendations.

YouTube New To You feature

On the desktop, the feature will pop up new content among your regular recommendations, while on Mobile, you will have to pull down to refresh the page to show the “New to you” in the topic bar.

As expected, the feature will be personalized to each user and for it to function, users will be required to sign-in. Since it is designed to find new content, there might be some instances where the feature is unavailable too.


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