Huawei Dual-Screen Smartphone May Be In The Works [Photos]

Huawei has filed a patent that reveals a smartphone with a secondary display on the back. The HoiINDI designer used the patent images to create high-quality 3D images of the upcoming handset.

Renders Of Huawei Dual Screen Smartphone Published 1

On the front panel, there’s a hole for a dual front camera, as well as a curved screen on the sides, which has small bezels at the top and bottom. The most interesting part is the rear panel of the device, which features not only the main camera unit, but also an additional screen.

Renders Of Huawei Dual Screen Smartphone Published 3

judging by the patent description, this additional screen can display various information, including time, date, weather forecast, battery power, application notifications. Obviously, this display can also be used as a viewfinder. This will allow you to take better selfies with the main camera.

Now, here is a question that begs for an answer: why did they leave a cutout for the front camera in the smartphone screen, which can be completely dispensed with if there is an additional screen? The design is similar to the prototype smartphone Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, which also received an additional screen and a front camera.

The main camera uses four modules, including a periscope for high-quality optical zoom.


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