The Russian company Caviar popular for releasing customized luxury devices. The company known for with extremely tacky customized iPhones has brought out another new design. The new Apple iPhone 12 Pro Sands of Time has bas-relief portraits of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the US flag and 750 golden specks of sand that imitate an hourglass.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Sands of Time Edition by Caviar

Caviar noted that this hourglass design is a symbol of constant change of time – the Republican Trump is making way to the Democrat Joe Biden. The case of the phone is made of durable titanium, the 50 stars and seven stripes are also made of hardened titanium with durable PVD coating.

The design can be made onto a working iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max and Caviar is issuing only 46 units – that’s the number of US presidents in American history.

Pricing and Availability

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Sands of Time Edition by Caviar

Depending on the size of the phone and its storage capacity, this exquisite piece of art can cost anywhere between $14,900 and $19,050 and is already available for order.

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