The race for ultra-resolution sensors brought impressive numbers with the arrival of the 108MP module. The first smartphone to offer this massive camera module was Xiaomi with its Mi Note 10 series. But then again, Samsung promptly followed with the Galaxy S20 Ultra featuring its own 108MP sensor.

Despite that, not satisfied with its current achievement, Samsung has already set its sight on delivering a 600MP image sensor that can rival the human eye, but for focus on how to release a 250MP imager.


According to the most recent report from sources familiar with the matter, the Korean company is working on a 250MP sensor that could be up to an inch in diagonal. It would be recalled that the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s 108MP sensor is 1/1.33″, which is still considerably smaller than the rumored 1″ unit.

The same report claimed that Samsung is done with the research and development of its 150MP sensor and we will see it appear in devices launched in the second half of this year. However, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a smartphone from Samsung. The company is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of camera modules. The newer image sensor could pretty much be used in smartphones from other OEMs like Xiaomi and its next Mi Note entry.



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