Social media sites all began by being a notice board where users can see people’s posts when they scroll down. Then Snapchat came up with something to that changed the game with a new format dubbed “Stories”. The feature is where handlers posts photos or videos then expires after 24 hours.

That format became so popular to the level it was adopted in the industry. Instagram incorporated it in 2016. WhatsApp incorporated it in 2017 while YouTube added Stories for creators in 2018.

Well, LinkedIn is now joining the Stories bandwagon. According to the company, they are working on LinkedIn Stories.

LinkedIn Stories

“We are currently testing LinkedIn Stories internally, and we can’t wait to test it with our members in the coming months,” Pee Davies, LinkedIn’s head of products announced yesterday.

He added that last year, themselves how Stories would look like in a professional context. LinkedIn prides itself as a social network for professionals.

LinkedIn said that they have learned a lot about the possibilities of having Stories in a “professional context ” the see he sequencing aspect of Stories as a format for sharing key moments from work events or how it can make it easier to identify connections.

The other major point is how an entire generation has grown up with Stories as a conversation. We have people that are used to the full-screen ephemeral format rather than the posing updates on the main feed.

It would be interesting to see how LinkedIn Stories will be used b people on the social network. The Microsoft owned network has millions of users and it may prove to be a hit. We hope it won’t be made into a Premium-only feature.


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