Game of Thrones edition of Samsung Galaxy Fold by Caviar Cost $8,180 (N2.95 million)

If you wish to have a total customized mobile device, you may have to checkout the popular Russian company Caviar that makes customized golden phone. The luxury brand has decided to go even further to announced a new design for the Samsung Galaxy Fold that is yet to even enter the market launch, due to delay with construction issues.

The luxury version of the Galaxy Fold is dedicated to the Game of Thrones TV series and the unreleased novel The Winds of Winter and goes overboard with the ornaments as is the norm with Caviar.

Both Galaxy Fold outer panels are covered in golden elements, referring to the story of the famous “A Song of Ice and Fire” saga, turned into HBO series that finally ended last week. Caviar says it will issue seven units (after the seven houses) with the unique design and are already available for pre-order.

According to the press release, “the start of sales will begin with the opening of the official Samsung Fold series.”

Samsung Galaxy Fold Game of Thrones Edition, Carbon and Leather
Samsung Galaxy Fold Game of Thrones Edition, Carbon and Leather

Of course, not everybody have interest in the movie Game of Thrones, so Caviar introduced another two simplistic designs of the Galaxy Fold with carbon, leather and, of course, more gold. The price for the Samsung Galaxy Fold Game of Thrones Edition is RUB499,000 in Russia, which is equal to $7,700 (Appr. N2,78 million).

Caviar offers it for the global audience with an even higher price tag – $8,180 (N2.95 million), which is four times more expensive than the original price tag of $1,980 (N714,780).


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