Naturally, due to its legacy, the moment you hear the word Nokia,
the thought of a strong device instantly sink into your memory. Over the years,
Nokia has received so much praise for manufacturing of solid devices. However,
are these newly revived Nokia brand still capable of standing the test of time
and rigor. A durability test undertaken by the Nokia 6, still prove that Nokia
is still Nokia. But wait, how about Nokia 8 – the HMD current flagship?

To find out how strong it is, let’s leave it to YouTube
channel JerryRigEverything to execute a full torture test, as habitual. Watch
the  video below for your viewing pleasure.
 Now, In case you are unable watch the clip, below are the
  • The front glass scratches exactly as effortlessly as you’d
    expect Gorilla Glass 5 to, no shocks there.
  • Likewise, when a flame is applied to the screen the pixels
    it touches go black after ten seconds, but then since it’s an LCD they fully
    recover once the flame is quenched.
  • The back of the phone is aluminum, which simply means a
    razor blade will scratch and damage it.
  • The entire back camera section (which also houses the LED
    flash) is covered by glass, definitely that scratch easily like plastic.
  • The most important of all, the Nokia 8 does not bend. Either
    from the front or from the back, despite the use of 6000 series aluminum, which
    Apple had to relinquish and replace with a 7000 series alloy in order protect
    its phones from bending. The shape of the aluminum inside the Nokia 8
    contributes to its durability.

So for the time being, Nokia’s legacy is intact – at least
from this point of view.


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