MTN Reduces Its Monthly Data Bundle Cap
In world where mobile data bundle seems to be going cheaper,
where sizes of applications needed for smooth running of your business on your,
Nigerian telecom operators are still hiking their tariff.

Facebook is one of the most visited app/website. It consumes
a lot of data due to various sizes pictures and videos on it that makes users
while away their time, get entertained/educated and many more. Yet, our telecom
operators refused to cooperate and understand that the world is moving to
cheaper unlimited data plan.  
Mobile operating systems used this days are far advanced and
different from those we used a decade ago. For instance, when I was using a
Symbian device, I hardly finish 1 GB data bundle in a month but now, on an Android
device, the same 1 GB barely last for 24 hours.
MTN has undeniable been a pacemaker in our telecom sector.
Recall the introduction
of fee on Share and Sell service
, increase of its 250mb to 1.5 GB plan –
that led to a sudden data revolution in the industry. And now, MTN has introduced
an unpleasant service. It sort of a bad news.
The introduction of 1.5 GB for the sum of ₦1000 plan brought
smile to many of its subscribers and believe that it would continue to get
cheaper. However, that is no longer the case as the operator has decided to
split that which it offers to subscribers as whole 1.5GB data into two. This
change also affected the ₦2000 data plan that gives 3.5GB.

The company came up with a new condition; effective from
October 7, the ₦1000 data plan would no longer offer full 1.5GB data for 24hr
browsing within 30 days as 500MB from the 1.5GB would be converted to bonus
which is only useful at night – from 1am to 7am. Thus, leaving 1GB for 24hr
This condition applies to the ₦2000 data plan which gives 3.5GB
data bundle. Only 2.5GB data will be available for 24hr browsing within the
month browsing while the rest 1GB moves to your night bonus account.
This new development has been on ground for a while but to
only new subscribers, however, from that date, it would be applicable to both
new and old subscribers who opt in for the data plans.


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