How To Update Your Old Phones To UBports Touch OS

It’s been a while that we see new released smartphones running on Ubuntu. However, users of old handsets have been given the privilege to experience another feeling of new thing on their devices via a new  update called UBports Ubuntu Touch OS.

Recall that earlier this year, Canonical suddenly announced its plans to halt its support for the Ubuntu Touch, the programming source code for the project was taken up by the UBports community. Now, UBports have decided to develop their own version of the Ubuntu Touch OS.

This gives the owners of the old Ubuntu smartphones the opportunity to get a new OS version.
Before now, updating your device takes a tedious process but now, I guess UBports has finally find a way around it. So, here is the process on how to update your old Ubuntu device to the new version.

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What Is Needed To Update To UBports Ubuntu Touch OS
  • Download the Ubports Installer HERE. Available for Windows PC, Linux.
  • Launch the software.
  • Connect your Ubuntu phone to your PC with a USB cable and enable developer mode.
  • Select “Switch to UBports” on the software.
  • Your Ubuntu phone will enter FastBoot mode.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the update.

Note that your Ubuntu phone will be wiped during this update. As such, we advice that you make a backup before starting.

Features of The New UBports Ubuntu Touch OS
Here are the new features that comes with latest version of Ubuntu Touch OS. These includes:
  1. Flashlight toggle in the battery indicator (For Qualcomm devices only, due to closed-source Mediatek drivers)
  2. A new version of the OpenStore (the original one died with Canonical’s abandonment)
  3. Updated boot spinner
  4. Optional custom backgrounds for the homescreen
  5. Calendar can now sync with generic CalDAV servers
  6. Display changelogs for stable OTA updates
Leave comment with us to know how far you were able to go with the update process and your experience on the new version.


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