If you suddenly discovered that your Google account has been
compromised in any of your mobile devices, there is a possible way to remedy
it. Actually, you can remotely reset your Google login data so whoever is with
your device won’t be able to use it and this will not affect your data on it. Though,
you will have to set up two-factor authentication on the device in question.

How To Wipe Off
Your Google Login Data From Any Device
To reset your Google login data, simply follow the below
Step 1. Go to
your Google account security page with another device. You will find options
for Account Recovery. Ensure they are all correct before you proceed.
Step 2. Then next
thing to do is to sign out on all sessions. You will have to do via a web
browser in desktop mode.
  • Sign in to your
    Gmail on a desktop,
  • Then look to the bottom of the page for “Last Account Activity”.
  • Under it you will find another option: “Details”. Select it, then look for “Sign Out” Of All Other Web Sessions on
    the next page.

Step 3. Now, go
to your Google account permissions page. There, you will remove access for
everything listed on that page, except the device in question. To remove your
Google login data from a device or app,

  • Click on it on the list of connected devices or apps,
  • Then select Remove. This automatically revokes access
    permissions and logs the device or app out of your account.

Step 4: The next
thing to do is revoke all your app passwords.

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  • Go back to the Google account security page, and scroll
    halfway down the page.
  • Below the section marked “Password & Sign-in method”, there’s an entry for app passwords.
    Open it.
  • Then provide your password.
  • After doing that, then delete any special application
    passwords you have used.

Step 5. Please stay
on this page as this is where you can change your Google login data. To do

  • Under the section marked Password & Sign-in method,
    input a new password. Make sure it is strong enough.
  • After this, then enable two-factor authentication.

Upon successful applications of the above steps, you can now
sign in to everything because this automatically disconnects every device and
app connected to your account. Consequently, you will need to sign in to every
device independently.

If you think this whole process appears to be punishing, think
of what would happen to your data in the hands of a stranger or even more.  It is just to prevent a stranger from gaining
access to your Google account, especially if your connected device get missing.


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