What You Need To Know About MTN Shortz

MTN Shortz is an aggregated set of short-form video content
(video <10min) arranged in channels which can be accessed via the MTN Play
What You Need To Know About MTN Shortz

It is an ecosystem showcasing video content from diverse
categories with the aim of creating monetization opportunities for content
  • MTN Shortz is available to all MTN customers on Prepaid and
    Post-paid Plans.
  • To watch a video, you click ‘WATCH NOW’ button below your
    preferred video. If video is premium, you will receive a prompt to subscribe to
    the channel.

  • After sending the subscription request; the MTN customer will
    be charged the channel subscription fee and will subsequently be granted access
    to view all videos within the channel.
  • The subscriber will be charged the applicable channel fee of
    N50/week for regular channels and N100/week for premium channel.
  • However, when
    customer subscribe to a channel, videos for offline viewing cannot be
    downloaded for now.
What You Need To Know About MTN Shortz
  • The download/offline feature will be coming soon.
  • Shortz subscription renews automatically once you have
    enough airtime.
  • Subscription can be cancelled by sending applicable keyword
    for the channel subscribed to 700 or dial *447#

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