Palm is coming back in early 2018

Somebody appears to be coming back – Palm. Though, the defunct
mobile brand has not been heard for some years now, it’s making a comeback
early 2018. Really? Yes.

The company accountable for Palm’s imminent resurrection is
TCL, as disclosed back in 2015 when it first made its plan known. It’s absolutely
becoming an expert at recycling old brands in the mobile market: it was first
Alcatel, then BlackBerry, now Palm on the brink. Which dead brand could be the next?
We should not be surprised if we see a TCL-made Sagem smartphone in the market
at some point.
Well, the word, “Palm” comes straight from TCL, precisely
its marketing manager Stefan Streit. He stopped short of giving a hint what
kind of products mobile users should expect to see bearing the Palm name, but certainly,
we should be expecting smartphones from the company.
Seeing TCL as an ever-expanding brand portfolio, Palm will
be the one aimed at older users expecting the latest in technology. That’s
different from Alcatel, which is attracted to millennials, and BlackBerry which
is apparently all about the business market.

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