There are people who can’t help but forget and may eventually lose their things once in a while. Such people could do with a little reminder of where things like their keys and wallets are. Thanks to such people, the Chipolo series of tags are there to help us keep track of such easily lost things.
Chipolo Card: Here's the world's thinnest wallet finder.

Basically, the Chipolo tags give inanimate objects the power to be found, wherever they are.
First, there’s the Chipolo card, which promises to be the slimmest Bluetooth tracker yet. It is quite little, just 0.08 inches thick, which allows you to keep tabs on your smallest possessions without adding any extra weight. The Chipolo Card comes in white, and has a one-year warranty, so you might want to check it out.
Chipolo Card: Here's the world's thinnest wallet finder.
The Chipolo Sticker claims to be the world’s smallest wireless tracking device. This means it can track a lot of your smallest items. When you set off the sticker, an 85-decibel melody gets activated. That way, you can easily find it when you need to.
Furthermore, you can charge the Chipolo Sticker wirelessly, thus removing the necessity to remove it to charge.
There’s also the Chipolo Plus, which has been touted as the world’s loudest Bluetooth tracker. Note that all three products can pair with the Chipolo app, which is available on Android and iOS. Whenever you lose something bearing the Chipolo tags, all you need to do is use the app to trigger the melody.
Chipolo Card: Here's the world's thinnest wallet finder.
If you are not within 200 feet of the item, the app will show you the item’s last known location. if you still cannot find it, you can mark your item as lost. Anyone within Chipolo’s Lost and Found Network would notify you if they come within range of your item.
The Chipolo Lost and Found Network is part of the Chipolo Platform, to which the company has invited any company willing to join.
By opening the Lost and Found Network, customers can take advantage of the community search feature of the Chipolo app and join over 1 million Chipolo users all over the world to be part of the world’s largest lost and found community.


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