It is pretty easy to call the emergency services. In most
countries, all you have to do is dial a three-digit code. However, Apple appears
to have plans to make this process even easier than now.
Apple bringing emergency services closer to you than 911

The company allegedly patented a new way of calling for help
with just your fingertips. This patent describes how the user can program
different fingerprints, patterns, and even the amount of force required to
switch the phone into “panic mode”.

This would result in the phone calling the emergency
services, and could activate a live-stream off video, or provide the location
data through GPS, of the person in need of help.
Before now there are several cases of smart jewelry that
work in a similar way, which are already on the market. Such technology could
save lives in some situations. This has been demonstrated by a number of recent
reports. For instance, in London, a four-year-old boy managed to save his
mother’s life with Siri’s help.Apple emergency services
This Apple patent dates back to 2013. The concept is to make
use of the iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor, located on the device’s home
button, as a panic button that would beckon on the emergency services when the
user is in danger.
This technology, identified as Biometric Initiated Communication,
depends on Touch ID’s ability to distinguish between fingers, and also know the
strength or position of each press of the Home button.
Possibly this technology will make it to iPhones in the near
future. Perhaps it will be added to the tons of features to come with the imminent
iPhone 8.
But, one cannot stress enough how valuable this tech could
prove to be. Granted, it is not a perfect proposal. One could accidentally
trigger the panic button and send emergency services racing to their location. Nonetheless,
a setting that is too difficult to triggering potential life-and-death
situations could make things worse.
Expectantly, Apple or another phone maker will find a way to
make this work.



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