Photos: Nigerian man posts SUICIDE NOTE on his Facebook page
A Facebook user, Ayeni’s JonZin, has today, shared what seems to be a suicide note on his Facebook handle.
However, the suicide note is just the same as the one written and posted by someone else in year 2013(click here). I hope he’s just trying seek attention and doesn’t mean what he posted.

See what he wrote on FB page:
“Am sorry Im sorry to you and everyone who believed in me, I apologize profusely You didnt deserve seeing me in turmoil. You didnt deserve to be affected by my negativity. It hurt me even more, knowing what I put you through.

“The way you looked at meafraid, helpless, hopeless. The way I stared back into your eyes, defeated Dont be angry because this was nothing personal Know that Im gone because I chose to do so. For once, I finished something I started. For once I was brave enough to go through with something risky and dangerous Dont be disappointed. I didnt give up, no, on the contrary all I ever wanted was a reason to persevere.

“All I ever wanted was to really live, but I didnt know how. Your lit up, elated smiling faces made me smile, although it broke my heart all at once. I felt bad and guilty because you loved me Your compassion pained me as much as it consoled me. I often wished that having you in my life, and all the other privileges I had was enough I believe in a higher entity, but I dont think you likes me anymore. I think you often looks down and cringes, embarrassed that i moulded a mistake Maybe Im in hell right now, but you knew I never believed in hell. The concept was created to keep us on track, and motivate us to do good. What if earth is hell? It sure felt that way What if everything we wanted was actually nothing? What if all the things we think are tangible, are actually figments of our imagination? What if life is actually death, and when we die we are truly alive? Wouldnt that make more sense? For if this is life, surely some of us wouldnt inexplicably yearn for death so badly? I didnt die because I wanted it to stop, although towards the end I probably partially did.

“Please understand this. I did it because I had a burning desire in the depths of my soul for something morea kind of wanderlust Who said death had to be this morbid. If youre crying, please stop. What if my death is a glorious celebration? Could you celebrate it for me? Could all of you dance, and sing my favorite songs around my soulless body? Again, please dont cry. Dont mourn. Dont grieve. I am happy now. Happy. Truly happy. Believe this.

“I love you”

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