Police rescues woman who allegedly attempt jumping into the lagoon from the Third Mainland Bridge
Woman attempts taking her life by jumping into Lagoon
Following the ever-unending mystery that still put so many Nigerians in shock, about the death of Dr Allwell Orji, the doctor who allegedly jumped into the Lagos lagoon from the Third Mainland Bridge, the police has again confirmed a report about woman who allegedly attempt jumping into the lagoon from the same bridge, but was rescued before she do.

The news of the death of the doctor who jumped lastweek Sunday is still rocking everybody in the country. Up till now, the world still wonder what could have driven the doctor do it and the things that could have been done to avert the incident.
While the memory of the death is still fresh and many are yet to come to terms with the incident, another woman has been reported trying to taking her own life on the Third Mainland Bridge on Friday, March 24.
PM news reported that the Lagos state police command rescued one woman identified as Taiwo Titilayo Momoh while making an attempt to jump into the lagoon from the same Third Mainland bridge.
Police rescues woman who allegedly attempt jumping into the lagoon from the Third Mainland Bridge
CP discussing with the woman
The Lagos state police commissioner, Fatai Owoseni, said that Momoh was going towards Oworonshoki when she instructed the driver of the taxi to stop on the bridge. This looks like that of Dr. Orji.
He said: “She attempted suicide by attempting to jump into the Lagoon around Oworonshoki inward Mainland on Third Mainland Bridge. Unfortunately for her, she was rescued.

“The woman was in a taxi and alighted on the bridge and wanted to commit suicide by jumping into the Lagoon.

“The police patrol team sighted her and rushed to rescue her before she jumped into the Lagoon.”

Owoseni disclosed that she was depressed due to the debt she has incurred from unpaid loans. According his conversation with her, he said she maintain her stand on taking her life again.
The Commission of Police said that it was not right for her to try to take her own life. It is also an offence under the law according to the commission. He said the police would try to convince the woman out of it and make her see the good side of life.
Momoh, the textile trader disclosed that she tried committing suicide because of the accumulated N18.7 million debt she owed her Swiss partner.
The Lagos State commissioner of police also stated that the woman would be made to undergo post-trauma programme so as to push away the thought of killing herself far from her mind.
He also disclosed that the force would conduct a medical check up on her in order to know the real state of her mind.
It was gathered that Owoseni was concerned about the situation of things in the country as he considered the rate at which people attempts committing suicide this days. He found it alarming and terrible, said the police has commenced working on the bridges within the state in order to reduce the number of cases that may come up in the nearest future.
Owoseni added that it has become an offence for people to trek on bridges in Lagos state; he also stated no vehicle would be allowed to stop on the bridges again in order to prevent such issue.
He said: “Right now, the woman is still in trauma and she still insists that she wants to end her life.”

So many media outlets tried taking her picture while as she was being escorted into a waiting vehicle of the police. She reacted to this by saying she is not a criminal.


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