Arsenal is better than Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Barca and Real Madrid – Arsene Wenger

Arsenal is better than Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Barca and Real Madrid - Arsene Wenger`
Arsene Wenger
The embattled Arsenal’s manager, Arsene Wenger has made a preposterous
claim that’ll surely get him a lot of tongue wagging.

In spite of the possibility of his club fighting for the
Champions league qualification, and ending another season without silverware, Arsene
said that Arsenal is the best football club in the world and football isn’t all
about winning trophies.
The last time Arsenal won the league was in 2004 and the
increasing pressure on him by fans to leave the club this summer has reached an
all-time record following a great 10-2 humiliation suffered at the hands of
Bayern Munich in this season’s champions League.
The Arsenal coach has been at Arsenal since 1996 has jumped
to the defence of his record, underlining that he has helped build “the best club in the world”.
For me Arsenal is the
best club in the world and what we have built is absolutely remarkable, not
only on the results front but on the values that this club, what we have
built,’ Wenger told beIN Sports.

“Of course a football
club is about winning, it’s as well about values.‘Nobody talks about that
anymore but sport is as well about values and I think integrity, respect,
humility, togetherness are very important qualities and if you would visit our
club you would see that they really exist on a daily basis.

“That is part of what
I am proud as well.’You can basically say that if you don’t win the
championship it is not a successful season and I can understand that but you
take clubs like Liverpool and they have not won the Premier League, they are a
big club.

“You have clubs like
Man City, Man United, certainly the championship will be won by Chelsea so we
have all, and no matter how many we are, Tottenham, all these clubs, every year
only one will win it.”
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