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How to Link BVN/NIN to Your Bank Account Without Visiting the Bank

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has directed all banks to block their customers accounts that are not link with NIN and BVN. Certainly, you would have received SMS notifications from your bank urging you to visit and update your account information.

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The apex bank, in a circular dated December 1st, 2023, has explicitly instructed banks to impose restrictions on Tier 1 bank accounts lacking BVN.

Tier 1 accounts, which require a valid identity or proof of address for opening, face the risk of limitations for non-compliance. While certain banks have set February 29, 2024, as the cutoff date, others have not specified any deadline.

The National Identification Number (NIN) comprises 11 non-intelligible numbers randomly assigned to individuals upon enrollment in the National Identity Database (NIDB). On the other hand, the Bank Verification Number (BVN) employs biometric technology as a secure unique identifier, enhancing real-time security processes by analyzing human characteristics.

In this guide, I’m going to show you how to link your NIN and BVN to your bank account without visiting the banking hall.

Link BVN/NIN to Your Bank Account

To link either your BVN or NIN to your bank account, there are several methods available:

  1. Linking via SMS:

Send a text message containing BVN/NIN, your account number, and BVN/NIN number to the designated number/code provided by your service provider or bank.

  1. Linking via Internet Banking:

Log in to your bank’s internet banking platform, choose the BVN/NIN option, initiate a new request, input your BVN/NIN, specify the bank where it was issued, respond to secret questions, and follow the provided instructions.

  1. Email Request:

Forward an email request to your designated account officer.

For GTBank customers, there are specific methods outlined:

  • Gbank USSD Code:

Dial *737*20*BVN# using the registered mobile phone number linked to your GTBank account. Input your BVN and press send to link it to your bank account at no cost.

  • Visit GTBank Website:

Utilize the GTBank Website Online Self-service portal. Enter your account number, submit your BVN and NIN details to ensure the linkage to your GTBank account.

For UBA customers:

To link your BVN and NIN details to your account, click ubagroup.com/nigeria to update or chat with LEO on 09030010007. Enquiries – 012808822.

For FCMB customers,

Official FCMB BVN/NIN link:- https://www.fcmb.com/linkyournin/bvn-nin-submission.php



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