Microsoft is putting in serious efforts to boost the popularity of Edge, but declaring complete success may not be entirely accurate. As of 2023, Google Chrome dominates the browser market with a share of 66.39%, while Microsoft Edge occupies the third position at 11.09%, trailing behind Safari.

Despite being preinstalled on all Windows PCs, Edge encounters challenges, particularly on mobile, where its market share is less than 5%. However, there’s potential for a significant shift as Microsoft Edge for Android is preparing to incorporate support for extensions.

Here are the details…

Microsoft Edge’s Game-Changing Move: Extensions Coming to Android

Microsoft Edge for Android is gaining support for extensions. This means you can install various extensions, just like you would on desktop browsers. Moreover, this feature is something almost none of its mainstream competitors offer. According to information revealed by Twitter user Leopeva64, this feature is currently in the testing phase and will soon be available for Android users to enjoy.

Microsoft Edge Gets New Logo

Microsoft is in a much worse position in the mobile browser market than it is on PC. However, this move could truly propel the company ahead, positioning it differently from its competitors. While beneficial for useful add-ons, it also comes with some challenges. For instance, many users employ ad blockers on their PCs. Yes, nobody likes seeing ads, but almost all digital content you encounter online relies on these ads for revenue.

If Microsoft Edge becomes more popular by adding extensions, it might prompt competitors like Google Chrome and Safari to follow suit. This could impact digital content creators who rely on ads, especially since mobile users often don’t use ad blockers. It’s important to note that just because a feature is available on mobile doesn’t mean it should be misused.

When Edge introduces extension support, you can explore various functional extensions, while ad blockers could be handy for websites with excessive ads. Keep in mind that the release timing for this feature is currently uncertain, so some patience might be needed.


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