Apple‘s latest iOS 17.4 beta brings a pretty substantial upgrade to Apple Cash users, enabling the generation of a virtual card number. The new feature now makes it easy for users to facilitate payments in locations where Apple Pay is not accepted.

Apple Pay

You can Generate Virtual Card Numbers to Pay where Apple Pay isn’t Accepted

This feature appears in the beta version, though it might not be available to all testers yet. To find out if you’re among the eligible users, you can simply visit the Wallet app, select your Apple Cash card, and look for an option to create a virtual card number. The process is straightforward, involving just a couple of steps.

Once set up, users can access their virtual card details, including the card number, expiration date, and security code, by navigating through the app’s menus. It’s worth noting that Apple Cash will maintain a distinct card number for Apple Pay transactions, which is accessible through an additional step in the app.

Apple Cash gets Virtual Card

An update such as this greatly enhances the utility of Apple Cash. Think about it – despite the widespread adoption of Apple Pay, there are a lot of outlets where it’s not an option.

Now, with the ability to use a virtual card number, Apple Cash has become more versatile, allowing users to bypass the inconvenience and fees associated with transferring funds to a bank account for non-Apple Pay purchases.



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