HMD Global CEO Jean Francois Baril had officially confirmed earlier that the brand would be launching its models soon. Now the NokiaMobile account has been renamed to HMD (Human Mobile Devices), which means we can say goodbye to Nokia.

HMD Global

Nokia lovers should know that this change is significant.

HMD is launching its new phones

HMD’s first two smartphones were leaked by people at GSMChina.

Now, the renaming of Nokia Mobile accounts to HMD is a sign of an important change. Nokia is no more, and the new name is HMD. This not only confirms the availability of new products from HMD in the future but also gives some insight into what the brand is capable of.

HMD (Human Mobile Devices)

HMD stands for Human Mobile Devices. It’s defined as Human Mobile Devices and this is an indication that Nokia can regain its former success with HMD. Nokia has launched some really successful products, but some mistakes over the years caused the brand to lose its former popularity.

Nokia’s name change to HMD confirms the rebirth of a powerful brand.

HMD first smartphone with 108MP camera surfaces online
HMD Phone Render Image

Recently, 91mobiles revealed render images of some HMD models. The new HMD model is expected to have a 108MP OIS camera. The triple camera lineup and 1 flash do not go unnoticed. Read more about the leaked HMD smartphones here.

But, HMD will not be limited to just 2 smartphones. Some models have not yet been revealed. We expect other models to come to light in the coming days.


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