Google has introduced a latest smartphone search innovation which appears to be a game-changer – say hello to Circle to Search! Rather than juggling between apps, now you can draw circles around information on your screen to instantly search for it.

And you know what? You’re not limited to circles; highlighting text or scribbling works too! Circle to Search is a new way to search anything on your phone with a simple gesture — without switching apps.

Google Circle to Search

How Google Circle to Search Works

Activate this magic by long pressing the home button or navigation bar.

This feature is Google’s answer to the hassle of screenshotting and lens-searching. Circle to Search is not just cool; it’s convenient! No more app-switching drama.

Powered by Google’s cutting-edge AI, it’s like having a search genie at your fingertips. The multisearch feature inside Google Lens, introduced in 2022, lets you mix text and images in your search queries. Ask complex questions, and get neatly summarized answers in a flash – no scrolling through endless pages!

Circle to Search will go global on January 31, exclusively debuting on Pixel 8 series and the new Samsung Galaxy S24 trio. Premium Android users, hold tight – it’s coming your way soon. And for our pals in the US, the updated multisearch feature is rolling out on both Android and iOS. Time to circle, scribble, and search like never before!



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