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Meta unveils two new AI video editing and AI image editing tools

AI image editing tools have started to get very advanced. Right after Adobe released Firefly for Photoshop, more and more tools started to come out.

This time, Meta has entered the arena with two new AI image and video editing tools. These AI-powered tools will be available for Instagram and Facebook. And the best part is that they are not limited to images. They can offer great editing effects for videos too.

Meta Launches New Image Editing Tools

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Meta Launches New Image Editing Tools

Emu powers both the new AI-powered image editing tools. And for those unaware, Emu is the artificial intelligence software that’s from Meta. It brings flexible editing through detailed instructions. Here’s a brief overview of both the tools:

Emu Edit

The first AI image editing tool that Meta released goes by “Emu Edit.” This tool allows alternating images with simple text inputs. And this may sound familiar to those already familiar with Photoshop’s Generative Fill. But there’s one thing that makes this AI-powered image editor stand out.

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Photoshop’s Generative fill requires the user to select the element to remove or fill. Emu Edit doesn’t need any selection. Instead, users can describe what they want removed or added to the image, and this AI image editing tool will do it.

For example, users can ask Emu Edit to “remove the person” from an image, and the AI image editing tool will understand the request. Meta says, “Emu Edit is capable of free-form editing through instructions.”

Moreover, Meta explained that this AI image editing tool can do a lot. It can remove and add “a background, color, and geometry transformations, detection and segmentation, and more.”

Meta trained the image editing tool on “10 million synthesized samples.” Each of the samples included “an input image. Also, they had “a description of the task and the targeted output image.” For this reason, Meta believes that the trained dataset is the largest of its kind.

Meta unveils two new AI video editing and AI image editing tools

Also, Meta said, “Current methods often lean towards either over-modifying or under-performing on various editing tasks.” For this, Meta aimed to make the model focus on “altering only the pixels relevant to the edit request.” So, this AI image editing tool isn’t only about offering “believable” images.

Emu Video

The second AI editing solution from Meta is “Emu Video.” This AI-powered tool leverages the same base Emu model. But it focuses more on generative video from text prompts. It can also transform still images into videos.

Now, this isn’t the first AI-powered video editing tool from Meta. The company has released Make-A-Video before. But Emu Video is more capable. It brings a big improvement over the previous offering.

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As Meta explains, the new AI editor is easy to execute and utilizes two diffusion models. It can generate 512×512 4-second-long videos. And the generated videos have 16 FPS. Meta did a human evaluation of the results. 96% of the respondents preferred the new model based on quality.

Also, 85% of the respondents preferred the new model based on “faithfulness to the text prompt.”

When Meta Will Release The Two AI Image Editing Tools?

Meta hasn’t confirmed when the two new AI image editing tools will debut. But Meta says that tools are a part of “fundamental research.” And “potential use cases are clearly evident.” So, we can expect to see a refined solution getting implemented on Facebook and Instagram soon.